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High Bay Series

High Ceiling Applications

Perfect for cutting edge commercial and industrial facilities, our LED fixtures bring you the future, now. LED high bay lights are a perfect fit for high ceiling applications. 

LED Technology
Energy Savings
Bi-Level Switch

Highbay lights are perfect in a variety of settings from warehouses to retail. The unique design makes these High Bay lights extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy.


  • Aviation Hangars

  • Gymnasium

  • Factory

  • Ware Houses

  • Dealership Lighting

  • Parking Garage

The space/Watts/ Voltage / flux Temperature/ beam-angle... All options to consider when choosing the best one for your need. 


Our ultra energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures combine the latest advances in lighting technology; their intelligent design offers maximum light output by using 75 percent less energy than a typical high pressure sodium or metal halide light consumes. 

Energy Savings
Bi-level controls deliver 87% more energy savings

Bi-level fixtures provide two levels of light output. Depending on your particular install; you could set it to a timer or sensor

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