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Steel Mill and Steel Fabrication Industry

Planit Energy entered this industry over 2 years ago. We quickly discovered there were no available LED solutions for high bay applications. The steel mill industry currently relies on high/low pressure sodium or metal halide solutions. Both conventional solutions the kilowatts per fixture range between 450 watts to 1081 watts including the ballast watts with an average warm-up period between 20 to 30 min for full luminosity.



Planit Energy and our manufacture’s research and development team developed and produced a new LED High bay solution in the fall of 2011. The first device was our 320 and 364 watts LED High bay with bi-level switched and instant on/off. Our 50,000 life span LED High bay devices has been a real game changer in the industry with a reduction of consumption of over 71% per fixture.  Moreover, the LED device greatly reduces the shadow effect which is critical for spot welding.



LED devices used:

  • LED High bay 320w and 364w with bi-level switching

  • LED Tube lighting (4 ft. and 8 ft.)

  • LED Lexin series

  • LED Flood lighting series

  • LED Par lighting series

  • LED Strip lighting series

  • LED Showcase lighting

  • LED Linear Modular Extrusion (4 ft.)




•    Energy efficient

•    Increased luminosity

•    Reduced shadow effect

•    Durable (ambient temperature exceeding 135 degrees); LED High bay

•    Elimination of replacement cost

•    Reduction of maintenance cost

•    Increased safety

•    Environmental safe

•    Rapid return on investment (ROI)

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