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Steel Mill and Steel Fabrication Industry:


Planit Energy entered this industry over 2 years ago. We quickly discovered there were no available LED solutions for high bay applications. The steel mill industry currently relies on high/low pressure sodium or metal halide solutions. Both conventional solutions the kilowatts per fixture range between 450 watts to 1081 watts including the ballast watts with an average warm-up period between 20 to 30 min for full luminosity.

Sport Arena – Sport Center:

​​Planit Energy entered this space in the fall of 2011. Our mission was to complete an Energy Saving Analysis (ESA) for 2 sport complexes (Dr. Pepper Sport Centers). The project would be a complete retro-fit of the facilities (interior/exterior) with energy efficient/ long life span LED devices. 

Data Centers:


​​Planit Energy began its journey within this industry 1st quarter of 2011. Data Centers are a 24/7 operation which command a high consumption of electricity due to demand of the servers, HVAC and other auxiliary equipment.

 Residential Home Lighting

Planit Energy recently completed our first custom home lighting project (new construction), spring 2013. We are extremely excited be able to provide innovative lighting solutions to this market segment.

Commercial Building and Investment Property Lighting


Planit Energy recognized early in the game that commercial building and Investment property lighting has endless opportunity for energy savings. We embraced these opportunities with determination and enthusiasm.

Church and Fellowship Hall Lighting


Planit Energy entered the Church and Fellowship Hall lighting in the fall of 2011. We have completed retro-fits of (sanctuaries/stages) and lighting design/installation of Fellowship Halls.  We also provide solutions for security lighting.

Aviation Maintenance Lighting


Planit Energy entered the aviation maintenance lighting in the first quarter of 2011.  We understand the extreme importance on quality lighting when performing aircraft maintenance (cabin, fuselage and turbine) and providing the correct solution is critical to this industry.

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